Zaman Cetveli - Time Scale
Exhibition Identity
Curated by Meriç Öner; Time Scale explores the architectural works of Erginoğlu&Çalışlar, established by Kerem Erginoğlu and Hasan Çalışlar in Istanbul in 1993. The exhibition surveys the office’s thirty-year journey through objects gathered from their projects’ research, design, and implementation processes. It comprises original sketches, drawings, models, and photographic documents, displayed chronologically. Objects borrowed from the office’s physical and digital collections are presented in a manner consistent with their substance. The exhibition organizes project representations by period, also providing a clear pathway by which to trace changes in architectural technologies. Running parallel to the works, events inserted into Time Scale extend throughout the exhibition’s scope across a shared historical narrative, evoking significant milestones from the past thirty years in both Türkiye and the world.